Quartz – The Engineered Stone

Description: Engineered Stone also known as Quartz Surface or Agglomerate Stone is a composite material made of crushed quartz – a stone aggregate. A typical quartz stone contains 91 to 93% stone aggregate filler with color pigments, crushed glass, shells and bonding agent such as polymer resins being the remaining 7%. Quartz slab material is a fine and effective alternative to conventional countertop material such as granite or marble.

Why Quartz:

Quartz stone surface is much less porous since its material block moulding or slab forming is performed in high pressure vacuum; hence occurrence of pore or fissure is almost non-existent. Due to this property a Quartz surface does not need Sealing or timely maintenance for regular kitchen use environment. A major point for its popularity.

Quartz is relativly flexible (due to its resin content) and harder than many types of natural stones. There are no hidden cracks or grain shifts in its composition hence it’s a stronger countertop option in most cases overall (some naturally occurring stones are however known to be harder and more resilient than Quartz).

If uniformity of color/ shade, grain pattern flow and a plainer contemporary tone is your choice then a Quartz stone will suite your needs just perfect. However some manufacturing brands of Quartz stone do offer ‘exotic’ range of quartz in wider color schemes, wavy flow pattern and some translucency with shiny glass flakes.

Application and Uses:

Excellent option as Countertop material for Kitchen, Bar top, washroom Vanity, office Desk, Flooring and wall Cladding – residential and light commercial.

New Generation of Quartz:

To capture the natural beauty and color depths of natural stones but also keep the distinct advantages of Engineered Stone, today many brands offer fine look alike patterns of marble, granite and onyx in Quartz stones.
These high end Quartz offer best or both worlds – natural beauty clubbed with a high performance surface material.

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