Granite is one of most common construction and architectural stone used by man for centuries. Granite is a very hard, granular, crystalline, igneous rock consisting mainly of quartz, mica, and feldspar.

It is formed when magma or lava cools then solidifies into a rock formation.Granite derives its name from Latin expression “ granum”,  which means a grain, with reference  to its grained structure. The term ‘granite’ also applies to a group of intrusive felsic igneous rocks with similar textures and slight variations on composition and origin.

Why granite
Granite has very high grain hardness and compact formation properties making it an  excellent choice as countertop material for kitchens and bathrooms. Mica and Feldspar minerals present in granite are often harder than steel due to which diamond tools are used to cut and polish it.

Granite also offers excellent non-bacteria harbouring property due to its compactness making it an ideal and hygienic choice for food prepping areas. Granite can bear the wear and tear of daily kitchen chores  and if properly maintained can last you a lifetime of natural beauty, elegance and durability.

Application and Use
Granite ideal for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, kitchen island and breakfast bar tops, bathroom vanity tops, wall cladding, floor panels, barbeque bar and  many  interior and exterior design solutions

Variation / Pattern – basic to exotic
Granites vary in color and pattern based on minerals present during its hundreds of century old formation process, speed of cooling ( granite is formed by cooled and solidified magma / lava ) and geological movments occurring within Earth’s crust giving it from an plain uniform granular formation to very unpredictable veiny or crystalised varying formation.
Based on its natural attributes, rarity and popular demand, a particular granite color is classified as either ‘Basic’ or ‘Exotic’ stone.
Cost, craftsmanship and stone’s use application will vary based on which category color a particular Granite falls under.

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